tower-gardenTower Garden by Juice Plus+®

I live on 5 acres of land and through out my life I have always had gardens so my family and I could reap the health benefits of natures medicine. I will say that we put a lot of work into maintaining our soil gardens, not to mention the water usage. when I was introduced to the Tower Garden’s I immediately got it and bought 2, they are awesome.

Please explore our Tower Garden website at ( and then contact us with questions or to order.

If you decide to order on your own through our Tower Garden website, our recommendation is to get a basic unit with an extension kit, which will give you 28 growing ports: 40% more growing capacity for 14% more dollars.

We also recommend getting an extra gallon of each of the nutrients for $40 (plus shipping) which should last you for a year. If you get one more accessory, you will save 30% on the shipping of these ancillary products so you may choose extra rockwool or a tomato cage or dolly, if either of those fit your needs.tower-garden

If your family eats lots of produce, you may want to consider the Family Pack which comes with 3 Towers that are 7 tiers high, 1 tomato cage and an extra gallon of each of the nutrient solutions.

This is a 15% savings over ordering the towers and accessories individually but the package only comes with 2 timers and 2 pH kits as they are intended to be used by one household. One could have them at 2 different locations, however.

Whichever set up you choose, you can pay for your Tower Gardens over 12 months with no interest. (there is a $1/month handling fee) Your first payment will also include shipping.

When you look at the cost per month, you can see that the Tower Garden can more than pay for itself the first year that you have it.

Please call, text or email if you have any questions about the best way to order. We’d be happy to do it for you.

Cheers to our health and happiness!

Tower Garden Basics
What is a Tower Garden™?

The Tower Garden™ is an aeroponic/hydroponic system that allows you to grow vertically, so that you can grow a tremendous amount of produce in a small space (such as a patio or deck), but without all of the hassle of regular hydroponics. Not only that, the food grown in a Tower Garden™ is more nutritious than almost any conventional or organic produce commercially available.

You can grow in your backyard, year round, and “there is no weeding, tilling, kneeling, or getting dirty! The Tower Garden™ is a plug and play vertical garden. There is no need to have a green thumb.” At this point in time we have not needed to protect against bugs, and our greens aren’t full of holes where bugs have been munching, as was typical for our traditional garden!

Order your Tower Garden™ today!