I want to formally introduce myself. My name is Heather Bond. I am an international adventure and body guide. For the past 3 decades I have explored this world and various cultures, and the human body and mind.


My life as a professional athlete has taken me all over the globe and my body and mind through extreme yet rewarding experiences. In September of 2019 I was selected to be on of 6 chosen for a logistics team for the Toughest Race, The Eco-Challenge that was held in Fiji. I was in charge of 66 teams from 32 country’s around the world. It will be airing as a 10 part documentary series on Amazon Prime in the spring of 2020. As a Fire Fighter, EMT and Hollywood stunt woman, my body and mind have gone through many layers of the human psyche; proud, daunting, life threatening and fulfilling.

After high school I got a degree in Exercise Physiology and Integrative Nutrition, which morphed into numerous certifications through various institutes such as The American College of Sports Medicine, American council on exercise and the International Sports and Science association along with my Emergency Medical Technician certification. I am convinced that this knowledge would lend itself to 25% of why I believe I can help change your overall wellness but the other 75% lies in a couple twists of fate.

July 25th, 2005 I am feeling at the top of my game and physical prowess, I have landed a career as a esteemed L.A. City Fire Fighter when fate delivers me a life altering and career changing message. 8pm on a fire house drill a 200 lb ladder falls on top of my head snapping and pinning my head to my shoulder suffering cervical fractures and compression from C4-7, L4,5 and soft tissue and nerve damage.

Striped of my career, my badge and identity, I spent the next year and a half 4 to 5 days a week in structured rehab and recovery regaining simple body movements and strength. My fractures healed and yet I suffered horrible from nerve damage and my mental state was fragile. For my entire life I had identified myself as this ATHLETE with my athleticism and physical body and now I couldn’t see which way my
path could go.

When I reached approx. 40% on my physical condition I embarked on a spiritual journey to India with my mom not knowing that I was to be delivered another life altering lesson.

March 2008 we set out into the heart beat of India searching for answers not knowing we were to find them in a Indian prison. Arrested and stripped of all our belongings and freedom we spent the next three months delving into the deepest, darkest and ugliest places of our beings only to be spat out the other side filled with a overwhelming sense of gratitude, compassion and understanding of the human being.

These journeys make up the better part of that 75% of why I feel I can help change the destiny of your health and fitness. To inspire and hold you in this journey of living to your highest, happiest and most fit potential you desire. I am passionate about guiding and coaching you and look forward to watching us all evolve together.