The Fit & Fun Zone is a community of individuals that want to not only live a healthier, more fit lifestyle for themselves, but also for their whole family. In this day and age, video games and screen are taking away from families engaging with one another and a healthy and active lifestyle seems like a thing of the past. Over one third of our country is overweight or obese and OUR country is in a health crises.

Fit5 Videos

Minute 2 Win It Videos

Fun4 Videos

This is where you and I can make a change. We have created this interactive membership zone that offers our Agents of Change simplefun and effective ways to create a healthier lifestyle with our Fun4 video series. It’s a great way to have parents and kids participate together. Get ready for fun, silly and challenging exercises, stretches and poses to follow along with.

You also get full access to Heather’s Fit5 and Minute to Win It videos.  These are full body workouts and designed for adults of all different fitness levels.

As Agents of Change you’ll have full access to hundreds of healthy, time-efficient recipes ranging from delicious Juice Plus Complete smoothies, snacks and main dishes. We have fun, engaging games available to download and print including memory games, coloring and fun activities for the kids and whole family, all based around healthy habits. Our forum is a great place where our community discusses a wide variety of health and fitness topics, asks questions, shares stories and celebrates wins.


Games and Downloadables

Community Forum

I am passionate and committed to creating a healthier world, one family at a time. Also check out our awesome Children’s Health Study.


Membership Includes:

  • Access to all videos
  • Fit5 video series (full body)
  • Minute 2 Win It video series (1 exercise focus)
  • Fun4 video series (parent and child)
  • 100's of recipes
  • Healthy and fun games for kids to download and print
  • Access to the community forum
  • Access to a weekly Q&A live conference call with Heather