Our Mission at 5Elements Academy is to connect and engage our youth with his or her full potential that exist within each one of them. This is achieved through the most powerful universal principles that engages their Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual capacities.

Driven by passion, purpose, service and seeing a need, 5Elements Academy was birthed.  In this day and age so many of our youth have become disconnect.  Disconnected from themselves,  from deep healthy social relationships with family, friends and peers. Today’s youth are feeling more pressured by the outrageous ways the media says they need to be, the way they should look, dress and feel.  Sadly, it seems to be an uphill battle for many. There are more kids overweight, obese and being put on anti-depressants as well as an alarming rate of teenage suicide.  This is NOT okay.  Kids need feel and know they’re safe and loved. They need to know that they’re perfectly unique and inherently worthy.

We have created the most innovated and powerful 6-week program designed for youth.  The academy operates according to the seasons, fall, winter, spring and summer.   The winter, spring and fall academies are our after-school program in which every child that goes through a 6-week academy is Free, meaning no cost to the family and youth.  The ASA (after school academy) is held twice a week for an hour and a half each day.  We rely on those generous donors (DONATE) who are looking to support a powerful opportunity for our future leaders through the coming generations.  Each ASA has a maximum number of 15 youth per academy at various schools and will be led by our 5Elements guides who go through special training programs and participates in continuation training throughout the year.

The youths are engaged in various physical activities that challenges their strength, cardiovascular system, flexibility and balance.  Each area is associated with a particular element.  We know and understand the importance of both physical activity and the power behind stillness of the mind. This is why we guide and challenge our youth through various forms and techniques of visual motor rehearsal and meditations, both moving and still.

Our summer academies are also a six-week program.  During the summer the program operates 5 days a week for 6 hours per day.  We take advantage of Santa Barbara’s natural resources by utilizing 3 different locations based on the element of the week throughout the 6 weeks.  The summer academies are a pay for program and a minimum of 10% of the profits go back into the after-school academy programs.  There is a maximum number of 15 youth per summer academy. The cost for the entire 6-week program is $1200.00 per child.   We have the capability of offering a maximum of 5 spaces for our level 1 $900.00 or level 2 $600.00 scholarships.  A conversation takes place between the applicants and Founder/ lead guide Heather Bond to determine the appropriate scholarship level needs.  If you’re interested and this program is a fit we work with families who are wanting this opportunity for their child.

A layout of the 6 weeks curriculum and activities for both after school and summer 5Elements Academy programs.

Week 1 Void:  Introduction to the youth’s elements and the True North Compass. Imagination fuels creation, visual motor rehearsal, physical exercise based on movement through creative imagination, practice noble determination. I Am inherently worthy.

Week 2 Earth: Physical body, exercise and movement that focus on physical strength, nutrition/food. Earth energy is declaring, decisive, solid, heavy, immovable, tangible. Will be activating our musculature systems through powerful grounding movements. practice noble determination. I Am perfectly unique

Week 3 Water:  Intellectual body, exercise and movement that focus on flexibility in the body and mind, hydration.  Water energy is, always in motion, the scientific process, detached, clear, cold, personal development, your education. I Am continuously growing

Week 4 Fire: Emotional body, exercise and movement that focus on the cardiovascular system, connection, heat, energy, passion, engagement, emotions. The body’s will be moving fast, emotional exercise that provoke various possibilities. I Am motivated from love.

Week 5 Wind: Spiritual body. exercise and movement that focus on balance, movement, freedom, flow, agility, spirit, impact, fearlessness, just do it. I Am a gift.

Week 6 Void: Limitless potential, personal creative genius. We’ll be reviewing all the elements and how they have been used in everyday situations. What works, what doesn’t and what perhaps needs to get changed. I AM joyfully realizing my full potential.


Contact Heather Bond for further information (805) 448-7470