• Do you struggle with the notion that you have lost or perhaps have never had control of your health and fitness?
    We are all challenged in one area or another.
  • Does it seem like a never ending process to sift through all the MEDIA driven images and other nonsense to figure out where to even get started?
    We are in a major HEALTH CRISIS and it has to do with this conversation.

There are so many unrealistic body images and transient fad ” Diets” and ” Extreme” exercise programs out on the market it boggles the mind, do you relate? I will tell you this my friends, it’s like A, B, C and doe ray me. Let’s make it simple and bring the basics and balance into your lifestyle with a few changes,
a support system outside your family and the proper components. When you come to except that you are worthy of a healthy and fit body you’ll start to experience sustained energy, a clearer mind, vibrant skin, a healthy gut and a new found vitality.

You and you alone are responsible for your health and fitness. You’re reading this because you have a growing desire to become the best version of you.

So now what? Well, I invite you to engage the information on my site and check out the various lifestyle changing programs I offer. This is a journey and an important choice. I have created a tribe of healthy warriors around the world that won’t settle for second best and they take HEALTH PREVENTION SERIOUSLY.

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My name is Heather Bond and for the past 3 decades I have explored the human body and mind through exercise, nutrition, rehab and recovery. My life as a professional athlete has taken me all over the globe … Read more

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